When it rains and I put my hand out the window, it feels something like this.

I went with my little brother to the store.

He picked up a Mars bar and said, “what’s this?”

I said, “a Mars bar.”

He put it down and picked up another Mars bar. “What’s this?”

I said, “a Mars bar. They’re the same.”

He said, “are they all the same?”

I said, “yes.”

He picked up the first one and took it to the counter and paid for it. He handed it to me.

I said, “thanks. Did you get your change?”

He shrugged. “What’s change?”

I said, “you had fifty dollars. Mars bars only cost a dollar fifty.”

He shrugged. “I gave the man money.”

I walked up to the man. “Excuse me. You didn’t give my brother his change. You were supposed to give him some change for the Mars bar.”

He coughed and blew his nose. “I did.”

I said, “my brother just told me you didn’t.”

He said, “are you calling me a liar?”

I said, “my brother doesn’t lie. He doesn’t know what a lie is.”

He turned to my brother. “Look, kid. What did you do with that money I gave you?”

He turned away from the man and picked another Mars bar off the shelf.

I said, “he doesn’t lie, I told you. Now, can we please have our change back?”

He said, “I gave your little shit of a brother his change. Now leave, or I’ll make you leave.”

I grabbed my brother’s hand and we left the store. He still had the Mars bar in his hand. He looked at it, and then he looked at the Mars bar in my hand.

He said, “they’re the same.”

I said, “yes.”

He put the Mars bar in his pocket and pulled out some notes and some coins. “What’s this?”

He didn’t know what stealing is.