This is what my brain smells like.


Child-like, it hangs there like

the monkey bars.

It is made up of words and

sentences and pages and pages

from a dictionary that doesn’t



Someone touches my shoulder and

I look around and it is no one,

it was my brain telling me

that someone was there and that they were touching my



I touch my shoulder and my brain tells me that it

is me touching my shoulder, but I am

not behind me, I am inside me.

I look at my phone and no one has

sent me a text in forty minutes but really

it has been more like two weeks.


Everyone is on facebook so I

go on facebook and no one is there.

and I look at my phone and I have a text.

It is my friend that I haven’t seen in a long long

time and she asks if I want to go see a movie.


I don’t really want to go see a movie but I text back yes

and she sends me a text back saying that what she meant

to say was “would you like to go see a movie with me”

instead of “would you like to go see a movie” but she says it doesn’t

matter because I said yes anyway


but I only said yes because I wanted to see her

because sometimes we talk and we say that we should

catch up but we never do and it’s all we ever talk about

and I text her back saying that her last text was long.


We see a movie and she says she hasn’t seen me in a long long

time and I say that’s because it’s been a long long

time and the person behind me says

‘shh I’m trying to watch the movie’

and I stop talking and watch the movie.